Christmas bowbells

Bowbells. Baubles. Bowbell baubles. We love a good pun and as one of us actually lives in Bow (and that’s Bow as in bow-and-arrow, not the sort of bow a chap would perform in front of the Queen) and the Bow Bells are famous (although not actually in Bow), we couldn’t resist. We were on a roll for Christmas decorations after the Hampstead Wreath, so baubles were the obvious (yes, really) next step.

These make the best gifts ever and look so amazing on a tree, even in the local park (the park keeper did give us some funny looks everytime he passed us). It takes around an hour to knit each one (if you’re concentrating) or about an hour and a half if you’re multi-tasking with a glass of something nice and the tv… how good is that?

The pattern gives you directions to make all 7, with a variation on the Bramble, so there are 8 sets of instructions. We’ve knitted them flat (for ease) in leftovers of varying double knit yarns and they’d look great in most colour combinations. The classic red, greens and ivory would look amazing, but try taupe, greys and cream for a classic and unusual twist on tree decs (can’t you just tell that’s Wendy’s tasteful suggestion?), or go bright and fun with pink, blue and orange. We used an 8cm polystyrene balls to put them around which are light and give a great shape without any stuffing angst… Oh and there is very little shaping in them so they are easy to knit. The balls came from Craftmill, and the service from there was brilliant.

Anyway here are our selection knitted in ivory, pink, green and grey …

You can play around with colour proportion of stripes and colour blocking on any of them, but it works best if you pick a colour story and stick to it.

If you download the pattern now and get knitting now you could have a treeful by the weekend!

And speaking of trees, one day next week we’ll show you just how different the two of us are by showing you our Christmas trees… really it’s a wonder we can even bear to speak to each other, let alone work together…

Posted: December 12th, 2012
Categories: accessories, designs, general wittering, knitting
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Comment from Jen AC - 12/12/2012 at 3:36 pm

Hey, I really can’t wait to see your trees… I need to get ours down from the loft (not at home, so no real tree).

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Comment from Selma - 22/12/2012 at 2:53 pm

love these homey decorations!