Pompom arranging is the new black…

Right. We’re going to get all design-y on you now. Some people (you know who you are) have been worried about applying pompoms / bling to their newly knitted Hampstead Wreaths in case ‘it all goes wrong and looks bad’. And as we’re never afraid to offer an opinion, here’s our (OK, Wendy’s, I’m not nearly so angsty about things) take on the perfect pompom arrangement. And although I’m laughing about it, it does contain some serious design ‘rules’ that always help to make things look better.

Wendy says: (imagine 1950s, BBC RP-type voice and her standing being serious in an evening dress)

‘When applying pompoms to your Hampstead Wreath, think about the colour and size of your pompoms. It’s often better (as with flowers), to use some odd numbers even if you have an even number as well. The wreath below you can see has 3 green (odd), 5 taupe (odd) and 2 stone (even), arranged mixing large, medium and small. Use your smallest pompoms as ‘fillers’ for gaps between the larger ones. We think it works best with 3 and 3 of the larger pompoms, filling in with smaller ones, then reducing the size of pompom as you work outwards around the circle.

We always work out ‘flat’ first before we commit to stitching them on…

These particular pompoms are for a wreath for my dear friend Karl who has a cornflower blue door on his beautiful Georgian seaside house in Brighton, East Sussex. I have tried 3 different versions on the flat first, I prefer the first version, with 5 blue, 1 taupe, 2 stone and 4 ivory pompoms… I will update next week when its finished.

this one has too much ivory / light colour in the centre section…

and this one works well but needs some lighter colours on the ends… too blue heavy.’

So there you have it. Wendy has spoken on pompom arrangement, for better or worse! MY Hampstead Wreath (not yet knitted) will have a bit more bling (think baubles), so once I get my act together I’ll show you how the blingy-baubles go on. B.

Posted: November 29th, 2012
Categories: designs, general wittering, knitting, techniques and tips
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Comment from Jen AC - 29/11/2012 at 5:47 pm

Perfection! :) I shall be all set once I find a few minutes to knit mine…